EasyDial Device

EasyDirect LLC

EasyDirect, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EasyDial Inc. Employing the company’s highly skilled R&D staff and using the highest production standards EasyDirect has extracted some of the new technologies used for medical applications and introduced them into the general-purpose market. EasyDirect offers a variety of high quality, high performance products, including:
· Clio™, the Portable Universal Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration System.
· Magnetically Driven, high efficiency Miniature Pump
· Magnetic Pinch Valve

EasyDirect is driven to innovate, create, promote and distribute high quality products to accommodate customers’ needs.

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#EasyDial: STORY

"I cannot tell you how many times I've had patients when they initially see me they say, 'Absolutely no dialysis,'" Ashar Luqman, nephrologist said, "But when they start getting sick and the kidneys shut down, at that …


Recent research conducted by the University of Nottingham used magnetic resonance imaging to study the stress placed on patients’  hearts while they underwent kidney dialysis. The study compared the effects of two …