EasyDial Device

EasyDirect LLC

EasyDirect, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EasyDial Inc. Employing the company’s highly skilled R&D staff and using the highest production standards EasyDirect has extracted some of the new technologies used for medical applications and introduced them into the general-purpose market. EasyDirect offers a variety of high quality, high performance products, including:
· Clio™, the Portable Universal Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration System.
· Magnetically Driven, high efficiency Miniature Pump
· Magnetic Pinch Valve

EasyDirect is driven to innovate, create, promote and distribute high quality products to accommodate customers’ needs.

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EasyDial: STORY

Given the choice between dying or traveling 800 kilometers three times a week for  dialysis treatment, 85-year-old Yvette Lamarre would choose death. To read more, click here …

EasyDial: STORY

A widow of a man who died after discontinuing dialysis treatment because he "could no longer face the long journeys" says the announcement that Wexford treatment center will finally get a dialysis unit is "fantastic, but …