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EasyDirect LLC

EasyDirect, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EasyDial Inc. Employing the company’s highly skilled R&D staff and using the highest production standards EasyDirect has extracted some of the new technologies used for medical applications and introduced them into the general-purpose market. EasyDirect offers a variety of high quality, high performance products, including:
· Clio™, the Portable Universal Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration System.
· Magnetically Driven, high efficiency Miniature Pump
· Magnetic Pinch Valve

EasyDirect is driven to innovate, create, promote and distribute high quality products to accommodate customers’ needs.

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EasyDial: STORY

Well-known oilman Jim Gray made a $60,000 donation to the Calgary Health Trust last year in memory of his wife Josie, who passed away in 2013 after 51 years of marriage. The money was used to purchase 10 state-of-the-art …

EasyDial: STORY

To survive, Jayce needs to be hooked up to dialysis 14 hours a day and to a feeding pump 20 hours a day, Dezi Padilla, the mother said. In addition, Jayce takes up to 16 medications a day and travels to Valley …